FIT Food™

Powdered Whey Protein Based Functional Food

FIT Food™(Functional Integrated Therapeutics) represents an extraordinary breakthrough in bodycomposition/ weight-management functional food formulas.

While researching and developing FIT Food™, XYMOGEN’s Medical Board of Advisors’ [BOA] fi rstobjective was to fi nd a pure source of quality whey protein. There are growing concerns about the use ofgenetically-engineered hormones [rBST & rBGH] in the U.S. dairy industry and the effect these hormoneshave on IGF-1 [Insulin-Like Growth Factor] and early puberty in children.

As a result of the widespread domestic use of synthetic hormones in the U.S. dairy industry, a thoroughreview was conducted. It was determined the stringent standards imposed by New Zealand’s MAF[Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries] upon New Zealand dairy farmers results in the purest and mostbioactive whey protein in the world. In addition to prohibiting the use of synthetic hormones in NewZealand’s dairy industry, MAF-mandated feeding, climate and calf-birthing practices further contributeto the superior quality on New Zealand’s whey protein. While importing New Zealand whey protein intothe U.S. is more costly, XYMOGEN’s BOA determined FIT Food™ must contain 100% pure New Zealandwhey protein.